Late Justice Chukwudifu Akunne Oputa was an extraordinary man who lived as a source of inspiration to countless peoples. The renowned legal colossus, during his lifetime was regarded as an ‘incorruptible judge’ owing to his sagacity, logic, and fairness in adjudications. His good works and untainted personality remains a source of inspiration to people living in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. 
Justice Oputa’s magnanimity was second to none during his days. He was a man of great wisdom and compassion for the masses. His good heart and passionate desire for good governance gave birth to the Justice Oputa Foundation which advocates for social justice and equity regardless of position or status in the society.
Late Justice oputa has certainly not ceased to inspire people, even in his grave, he has remained a source of inspiration to his son; Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy or Areafada, and a large number of Nigerians. Charly boy has been involved in several campaigns and protestations calling for good governance, equity and justice. His defiant spirit and unquenchable thirst for justice gave birth to the revolutionary movement – OURMUMUDONDO.
#OurMumuDonDO is a national reawakening movement; a coalition of the Angry, Vexed, and Frustrated; a conglomeration of dedicated change agents; a movement for the emancipation of the suffering Nigerian masses; a movement defiantly calling for good governance and accountability. This movement aims to reinvigorate the deadened spirit of advocacy and activism in Nigerian youths. 
The process of sensitization has begun and every suffering and disgruntled Nigerian is invited to join the cause. For too long, our shared humanity has suffered and our rights deprived.  The time has come to call for the emancipation of a nation that has perpetually suffered in the hands of vicious criminals disguised as politicians. 
#OurMumuDonDO transcends the barbaric mentality of tribalism, political affiliation and religious discrimination.
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