Justice Oputa Foundation Launches Campaign For Revolution Of Nigeria
There comes a time in the history of a suffering people when the status quo that has eternally failed can no longer be sustained: when the hungry, angry, vexed, and frustrated are bonded in a coalition to reclaim a country seeking a new direction and a new path. When Political Leadership has failed from generation to generation, as is the case with Nigeria, and the docility of the populace is almost a norm; the emancipation of the mind from mental slavery becomes an eternal battle for which fighting becomes Godly.
It is with this background that thousands of Nigerian youths and people fed up with the status quo took on the Fuel Subsidy Removal in 2012 through the #OCCUPYNIGERIA Project; The #OCCUPYNASS Project of April, 2016 and the #OCCUPYNASSUNLTD followup in November, 2016. This mindset of Frustrated Nigerians who are sick of the status quo gave birth to the question that typifies our frustration – OUR MUMU NEVER DO?
#OURMUMUDONDO is an Initiative of the Area Fada himself; Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, whose interest is in seeing Nigeria become a country that we all can be proud to call home. The Areafada, whose role in the #OCCUPYNASSUNLTD project was very vital, will be leading a coalition of major Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria, in a bid to save the Country before it is consumed by the destructive capacity of Political Criminals with demonic tendencies.
#OURMUMUDONDO is a National clarion call to all Nigerians to Stand and fight because no Politician will fight for the Interest of the Nigerian People. It is a Call to engage, to protest and Occupy all Arms of Government until good governance is seen and felt by the People. It is a Call to reawaken the Spartan of the Labour Union of old in the youths. This is a Call driven by Nationalism and Nigerianization.
In our quest for a new Nigeria, we are seeking Fearless, Defiant, Determined and Dedicated Nigerians who are Willing to give their all for the sake of this great nation we love.
The #OurMumuDonDo movement will be propagated under the aegis of The Justice Oputa Foundation (http://www.theoputafoundation.org).

The Justice Oputa Foundation will be the official platform for pushing this message of National Re-engagement and Sustained Pressure on Politicians: Politicians are the enemies of the Nigerian People and fighting them is what we will do with our all. Therefore, we are calling on all Nigerians, whether as an Advocacy Group, Non-governmental organization, Civil Society Organization, or an individual to register to be part of this movement by filling out the forms on the Website.
The process of sensitization has begun: the message is clear and the coalition is known. Nigeria is ready. The people are ready. The monster of audacious Political Criminality must be tamed, defeated and killed.
The future of this nation depends solely on our actions today. Therefore, we will fight with all our might because we can; you will join us because you must – we have only success to think about because failure is not an option. Your voice, my voice, our voice will change this nation because we will support and hold the line with you. You will never walk alone because Nigeria is the theatre where all of our dreams will come through.
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    • great nigeria men/women. I commend ur effort so far.the best thing is that will have to determine before this people will kelild younger generation cos there generation is failed nigeria according to fmr president. will are in diaspora will not comfortable about current situation in nigeria this completely mess up and disrespect from fuking senator is a big slap for nigeria the owe the way &manner will practice democracy curruption in every where achieve nigeria is an only African countries. I commend the effort of our freedom fighter chaly-boy oputa.may almighty Allah be with you sir I’m personally ready to surender my life for the shake of my children.

  2. One of the first step is to sue the commission responsible for the bogus/jumbo salaries, and outrageous compensations for the politicians. A competent court of law has to revise their salaries and compensations to reflect the reality in the nations economy.
    Second step will be to fight and make the legislative arm of government a part time job mostly for retired men and women. In doing this, there will be less waste in the land.

  3. The Nigerian system is so frustrating. If at the age of 40 a man does not know where his next meal is going to come from then there is a big problem.our politicians have traded our destiny and those of our children’s children. Therefore we must do everything possible to fight back for the sake of our children and Nigeria

  4. I agree 100% with Neuman Chukwuemeka that the commission responsible for our politicians jumbo salaries/allowances should be sued. They must explain to us how they arrived at these figures. My personal take is that we should by now be looking beyond APC and PDP. They are birds of a feather. It’s a known fact that our politicians are criminals irrespective of their party affiliates. And this is the reason why some people are claiming witch hunt, while others are untouchable because they are under the tent of the ruling party. We should let Nigerians know that it’s not the parties that’s responsible for our sufferings, but the people in it. We should be working towards creating a party with a solid manifesto guided with strict/ rigid conditions for those that want to run under the new party.

    Moreso, we should reaching out to the people via Pidgin English or other local languages because a lot of Nigerians are uneducated/ illiterate. Dino Melaye falls into this group lol. I feel that a lot of Nigerians are not being carried along with the reality of our present situation in the country because of illiteracy and some other factors like lack of Power, high cost of petrol which limits one from watching news while having generator set. Hardship has reduced the number of newspapers’ readers and high cost of data in accessing the internet. So, we should try to reach out to the people in our communities. Having representatives talking to the people. Giving them in depth information on what are problems are as a nation and the people responsible for our woes. And also proffering solutions. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. #ourmumudondo

  5. What can i say? i most sincerely thank God for this forum, in that, i believe that God who made this medium a reality shall perfect the objectives, goals and aspirations of this noble and enviable organisation to a tangible and a reliable fruition. If not, the redeemption of the Nigerian nation can only be done by God himself! Or how else, can one begin to analyse the truma the majority of Nigerians ve to go through just to put three square meal on their tables bt d legistur loot our monies dump them in undergounds, GP tanks, dry wells etc, majority of them ve no idea why we elected them there! Big shame, look at the way some of them fight in d floor of d Senate and National Assemble with their ‘agbada’ even to the extend of climbing fances, this is to show u that we re all mugus, having had to elect motor parks ‘abero’ to lead us! What special treatment do we ever expect from these set of ‘misplaced honourable’??? They re only concern abt their over blown prides and egoes! Where is Judiciary?


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