welcome 2017


This is a make or break year

The worst thing that can happen to the youths and People of this Great Country is for them to refuse to grow up and take charge. How can they, if they believe that someone else must take responsibility for their lives and life circumstances? What a shame.

There comes a time in the history of a Suffering people when the Status quo that has eternally failed can no longer be sustained. Let the Hungry, Angry, Vexed, Frustrated and Hopeless be bonded in a Coalition of the Willing to reclaim a country that’s desperately in need of a new direction to follow and a New Path to chart.

Our Mumu never Do?

??Have we not suffered Enough?
??Are we not Hungry Enough?
??Is Corruption not Killing Enough of our People?
??Has Political Criminality not damaged Enough of our Moral Fabrics?
??Have the Men of Fraud Parading themselves as Men of God/Imams not caused enough damage with their Wayo Miracle, induced stealing/looting and sustained Intolerance?

2017 provides an opportunity for aggressive resolutions and a call for revolution against the Political/Religious Class that has succeed in bastardizing our collective commonwealth and has humiliated our shared humanity.

We have always been promised good governance and failure has been the only result. 2017 must be the year where our Anger, Vexation and Frustration is mobilized towards the nationalization of our mentality and the empowerment of our ability to fight for this great country.

Let the Politicians be afraid of the Tsunami that is incoming; those that must pray should begin to pray because the emancipation of the Nigerian Mind must begin this 2017.

This is the year of our Mental reawakening and the initiation of Revolutionary Struggles across all failed arms of Government in Nigeria.

This Revolution will not be televised;


From Charles Oputa; Charly Boy aka AreaFada1


  1. Charly Boy!
    I have never known you but I had to hear your autobiography and I am in for this movement. I will mass email the message. I will mass text . I will spread the word. And what ever you want me to do here in Diaspora (Houston, Texas) to move this movement forward, count on me. Our MumuDon Do. Our goal should be to wake up all people in all nooks of Nigeria and the world


    An incident was recorded sometime ago in England. The street light in a common area was out and not working. For around 2 weeks, residents took turns to call the local council (to whom they pay their annual council tax). The response of the council was that the contractor maintaining the light was unable to source the special light replacement. By the end of 2 weeks, one of the residents fired a letter to the local MP, a young Conservative Party lady. By the 3rd day, the resident received a reply (by post) that she (the MP) had challenged the council who had now assured her that by the end of the 3rd week, the light will be fully functional. True to her word, by the end of the 3rd week, the light was fully restored and the area ceased to be dark and menacing at night.

    In our dear country, come election time, posters and rallies will flood the country up and down with faces introduced as the people’s representatives-to-be. At rallies, the aspiring candidate will introduce him or herself and promise heaven and earth. After election, the representative will never be heard from again.

    Our media too has acquiesced to this anomaly. If a walkbridge collapses killing folks or a major road records accidents again and again killing folks, NO ONE IN THE MEDIA (TV, NEWSPAPERS EVER THINKS OF ADDRESSING THE CONCERN TO THE ELECTED LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES. The award winner, Channels TV (or AIT or any newspaper) does not seek the local representatives to question them about local events in the community. What do these representatives do then? Why are they elected? If it is true that we are currently operating a unitary government, will anything change if we operate a true federalism?

    Kudos to Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano who rushed to St Philips Catholic church recently when folks were gunned down, but where the hell was the elected representative? When children are kidnapped in schools in Lagos or anywhere else, where the hell are the elected representatives? When major accidents happen in Lokoja where trailers with failed brakes plunge into people and kill and maim them, where are the elected representatives? When BH took territory after territory in Borno, it was only Gov Shettima that showed his face, where were the local representatives?

    If you stop any citizen in the street and ask who his/her local representative is, what is the likelihood that he/she will know who the person is? If our representatives depart from the scene after the elections only to show their face at the next election, how can areas improve? How can the lives of the citizens change? If local schools are failing or the herdsmen are terrorising villages, should the representative not be jumping up and down making the case for his people? How is the performance of local representatives judged and are they judged at all? If they are not judged, then is it a wonder we have folks of very poor quality seeking to represent the people.

    If there is to be any ounce of progress at all, Nigeria must tackle the failure of local representation or the dross of local leaders will still continue unabated.

    Our mumu don do!


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