Which way Nigeria?  
Oh see our Naija !!!
See how we dey run from pillar to post.
Naija’s living as enemies: Yorubas distrust for Igbo’s.
Igbo’s distrust for Hausa’s. Hausa’s hating Ijaws, Ijaws lashing out.
Instigators of the hate message fuelling the seeds of tribalism,
their instrument of mass confusion.
See how my people pray for the death of their leaders.
As political riffraffs steal and plunder, my people smile and continue to suffer.
Haba only in Naija,
where sacrifice is seen as cowardice,
love perceived as weakness, honesty as foolishness,
humility as stupidity. Hmmmm.
Who is the pilot of this plane, where is our destination as a country…where are we headed?
See how the looters of our common wealth dance  azonto
as millions of my people outside their fence die of hunger.
We only care for our own household, never about what happens in our backyards.
See how greed, selfishness and corruption has eaten up every sense of reason, every sense of responsibility.
Our young youths have been abandoned by fathers
who are madly engaged in the losing battle of survival.
Many mothers have been pulled away from their natural hearts of compassion, family values and love in confusion.
We wonder constantly, as we all are tempted by promises
made by heartless and ruthless men drunk on blood money.
Which way Naija?
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God punish bad people!!!


  1. Until our collective and national interest matter most to us than the color of our eye there will be no peace,progress,justice and equality.I stand for truth, I stand for Justice, I stand for the movement #ourmumudondo#


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