The Nigerian Irrational Assembly is set to sign a repressive bill into law to establish a commission that would monitor, supervise, de-register, and pre-approve all activities by civil society, labour, community based organizations, and the media, in the country.
If this bill which is titled ‘An Act to provide for the establishment of Regulatory Commission for the Supervision, Coordination and Monitoring of NGOs, CSOs and Communities Based Organizations in Nigeria’, and being sponsored by Umar Buba Jibril, Deputy Leader, PDP: Kogi State is signed into law by Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, it would severely damage the rights of all Nigerians to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and association in the country.
Remember, the dishonorable members of the Senate and House of Representatives are proposing amnesty and immunity for themselves against prosecution for corruption and other economic crimes; and the government is also proposing a social media policy to restrict and undermine citizens’ access to the social media ahead of the general elections in 2019.
The time is now, to move against this repressive Bill which was culled from oppressive practices of countries like Somalia, Uganda, and Ethiopia.
It is stark obvious that the bunch of looters and criminals occupying the National Assembly are nothing but misfits, rogues, and greedy oppressors looking not to better the lives of Nigerians but to further oppress, marginalize, impoverish us.
We must resist all forms of oppression and nib every attempt to gag us in the bud.
We must no longer sit idly while the criminals in power foist their atrociousness on us. All Nigerians must rise to condemn this undemocratic move by the rogues in power.
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