The idea of youth participation in governance has become a popular part of the contemporary political talk in every part of the world except Nigeria where one can note that youth participation in governance often end at the polls and during electioneering campaigns where youths are only used to their own detriment.
The Ballot Revolution is an initiative of OurMumuDonDo and Concerned Nigerians, aimed at negotiating opportunities for youths to be a voice in the nation’s decision-making process and also become a formidable force that will catalyze Nigeria’s greatness.
What is the objective of this Ballot Revolution?
This program will serve as a platform for Nigerians and Anambrians from all facets of life to ENGAGE political candidates on their plans for the state and the people of the state. It will also serve as a platform to strike a better deal for the youths of the state. Participants will be drawn from all castes of life. We’ll keep you posted!
When is the Ballot Revolution Happening? 
October 21.
Where is it happening? 
Anambra State.
For more info on the ballot revolution, Visit to Register.
OR CALL… 07081272818, 08033076993.


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