We have read reports of reinstatement and promotion of Alhaji Abdulrashid Maina, the former chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, who was dismissed from the Federal Civil Service for abandoning his duty post and evading arrest for his involvement in the looting of pension funds to the tune of N100bn.
We have also read the statement released by the Presidency ordering his disengagement from the Civil Service.
2. It is disturbing that a wanted fugitive who has evaded arrest for several years was reinstated and promoted into the Civil Service. It is also disturbing that this reinstatement follows a disturbing trend where people previously dismissed from the Civil Service for engaging in acts of corruption are reinstated by the Federal Government.
It is obvious that the decision to disengage Alhaji Maina is as a result of the huge public outcry that trailed news of reinstatement.
3. It is also obvious that the Buhari administration has no interest in fighting corruption but condones it where cronies, close family and friends are involved.
Assuming, but not conceding, that President Buhari was indeed unaware of Alhaji Maina’s reinstatement as claimed by his spokespeople it is clear that he is not in charge of his government and as such is unaware of the level of illegality and corruption being perpetrated by officials of his administration.
Either way, the inescapable conclusion is that President Buhari is unable, or unwilling, to fight corruption in his administration.
4. The only way President Buhari can redeem his image is to order a speedy investigation into the matter and to sack all officials in his administration involved in Alhaji Maina’s reinstatement, including the Attorney General of the Federation on whose legal advice the reinstatement was done in the first place.
5. Anything less will reveal the Buhari administration for what it truly is – a hypocritical administration that is prepared to look away when corruption is perpetrated by cronies and close family members which will only act when public outcry is intense.
6. God bless Nigeria.
Charles Oputa
FOR: OurMumuDonDo
Deji Adeyanju
FOR: Concerned Nigerians
Ariyo Dare Atoye
For: Coalition in Defence Of Nigerian Democracy
Bako Abdul Usman
For: Campaign For Democracy
Moses Paul
FOR: MAD Connect


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