Gentlemen of the Press,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before you, at this hour, is a conglomeration of Human Rights organizations and Civil Societies in Nigeria. And ably represented are the OurMumuDonDoMovement, Concerned Nigerians, Coalition in Defense of Nigeria’s Democracy and Constitution, Mad Connect, among others.

As you are all aware, today is the sixth day since our Comrade Deji Adeyanju, alongside comrades Daniel Abobama and Boma Williams were illegally arrested on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, by the Nigerian Police Force; and subsequently arraigned before Honourable Aliu Kagarko of Karshi Area Court, Abuja. They were eventually granted bail and remanded in prison until their bail conditions are met.

On that fateful day, the aforementioned men of valourwere arrested for convening and participating in aprotest against the perceived absence of neutrality of the Nigerian Police Force in the murky game of partisan politics, the apparent connivance of the leadership of the said institution with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), to influence the coming general elections; and the growing level of distrust of Nigerians in the security chiefs who recently attended the flag off ceremony of the APC’s presidential campaign.

We also want to put it on record that much after Adeyanju and the other young Nigerians were arrested on that day, the other members of the CSOs that jointly convened the #PoliceNotPoliticians protest still went ahead to hold the protest, fueling speculations that the plot to arrest Deji Adeyanju might have long been hatched, using the latest public action by the CSOs as a cover.

It is very crucial to note, at this point in our national history, that every potential gain that democracy offers in any democratic society is gradually eroding in Nigeria under the present regime of President Muhammadu Buhari. The blatant abuse of human rights and democratic processes; the incessant clampdowns on critics and dissent; and the weaponization of security agencies especially the Nigerian Police Force to undermine democratic institutions all give visibility to the heinous plot of the government in power to completely damage the fabrics of our democracy.

As of today, 3rd December 2018, we are pleased to inform the Nigerian people, Patriots and those who are still holding ground in the face of threats and waxing strong in incorruptible conscience, that Mr. Daniel Abobama and Mr. Boma Williams, who were both arrested alongside Mr. Deji Adeyanju, have been released after meeting all bail requirements set by the magistrate, Aliu Kagarko of the Karshi Area Court.

Unfortunately, we are unable to say the same for our brother Deji Adeyanju at this time. For we have gathered from sources that the Vice President professor Yemi Osinbajo and other interests within the security and intelligence sector, including the ruling APC, are said to be “specially” interested in “punishing” DejiAdeyanju. Also, we are aware that the Nigerian Police Force have perfected other devious plots against DejiAdeyanju.

It will be recalled that Adeyanju and other critics of the government had recently lambasted the Vice President over a scam of 5.8billion dollars which was allegedly approved by the latter for an intervention in the North Eastern part of Nigeria while chairing the governing board of the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA. Adeyanju has also become a loud voice in calling out the government of the day over perceived injustices and failure to fulfill electoral promises.

It will be recalled that the OurMumuDonDo Movement and a few other courageous CSOs have been at the forefront of the non-violent agitation to demand accountability and transparency from the incumbent government; and saving them from the path of recklessness, impunity and maladministration upon which they determined to keep running on.

You all will also recall that the OurMumuDonDo Movement recently secured a victory over the Nigerian Police Force to the tune of N50 Million Naira at a Federal High Court here in Abuja, following the reckless brutality that the Nigerian Police Force visited on members of the movement during the Resume or Resign Protest in Abuja. This victory has since left a sour taste in the mouth of the authorities concerned.

However, the intolerance of the ruling APC and the security agencies for criticisms, has led them to devise a lethal plot to neutralize members of the OurMumuDonDo Movement, especially DejiAdeyanju and other critics of the Buhari administration. The public space is replete with news that at the center of this lethal plot are the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Yusuf Burutai; the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotum Idris; some special interests in the ruling APC; and indeed, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Muhammadu Buhari.

We have been able to gather, that names of different individuals and groups have been compiled for this wicked onslaught and evil plot which is said to have been primarily devised for members of the OurMumuDonDo Movement, starting with DejiAdeyanju. To be specific, there is an active threat to life against members of the OurMumuDonDo group and some fearless activists in the country.

It is, therefore, imperative that we inform the general public, especially the good people of Nigeria; and indeed, the international community, that should even a strand of hair be missing from Deji Adeyanju’s body, or any one among us, the Nigerian government must be held responsible.

While we are hopeful that the bail conditions for our comrade Deji Adeyanju will be met soon, we wish to emphatically caution the Federal Government and the security chiefs who have now become the militia wing of the ruling APC, to desist from such ignoble acts as harassment of critics and state-engineered brutality on voices of opposition. For democracy is at best a well-garnished deceit in the absence of criticism.

Lest we forget: the current critics of the Buhari administration have not done a quarter of what the campaign teams and foot soldiers of General Muhammadu Buhari, led by Rotimi Amaechi and Nasir Elrufai did prior to, and during the 2015 general elections. It is also on record that before the elections, Gen. Buhari threatened that “the dogs and baboons” will be soaked in blood if the elections did not go in their favor. Amaechi, also, threatened a parallel APC government while Elrufai went overboard by threatening deaths and alleging that the then President was conniving with terrorists. They also motivated their foot soldiers and supporters to attack and maim perceived opponents of the APC – physically, verbally and spiritually.

Our hope is that the good people of Nigeria would be able to differentiate between the patriotic criticisms of today and the toxic opposition of the APC prior to 2015.

In conclusion, therefore, we wish to encourage the Nigerian people to remain steadfast in their belief in us and in the supremacy of our democracy and constitution. We also wish to remind the common people of our great country that we shall never compromise on our resolve to salvage our country from the fangs of unproductive, backward-thinking, uninspiring criminals in positions of power who are bent on scuttling our democracy and looting our commonwealth.

Read by Adebayo Raphael

For: Coalition of Human Rights Organizations and Civil Societies


Charles Oputa – Convener, OurMumuDonDo

Theophilus Abu Agada – National Publicity Secretary, Concerned Nigerians

Raphael Adebayo – National Secretary, OurMumuDonDo

Moses Paul, Convener, Mad Connect

Ariyo-Dare Atoye – Convener, Coalition in Defense of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution

Isaiah Umude – Convener, Propel Africa Initiative

King Onoja -​Legal Practitioner

Seprebofa Oyeghe: Legal Practitioner and Convener, Young Visioneers Association

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