1Our Mission
  • To mobilize the people, harness their intellectual, artistic, and cultural resources, and network them into a political movement to fight back, defeat political elitism, corruption and incompetence and redirect governance towards empowerment, dignity and freedom for the people
  • We are taking Nigeria back…we are making Nigeria work for us, all of us.
2We fundamentally value
  • Popular participation (no elitism)
  •  Inclusivity (no tribe no creed)
  • Openness (no conspiracy against the people)
  • Accountability (every question must get an answer)
  •  Activism (action speaks louder than words)
  • Egalitarianism (everyone’s life counts, and counts equally)
3We fundamentally believe in
  • Peoples’ Power – the solution to our problem is to energize politics through peoples’ power.
  • Enlightened citizenship – except the people pay attention to governance the thieves will rob the state.
  • Coalition building – united we stand, divided we fall.
  • Political engagement – politics is the critical level to change the game. Without being partisan we will be overtly political.
  • Political endorsement – we will select and endorse candidates and platforms that share our values and programs.
4Our choice of action is guided by
  • Will end impunity.
  • Will change politics as elite conspiracy.
  • Will establish a new political culture of accountability and responsibility. • Will shame looters and polytrickians.
  • Will empower the people to overthrow the political order and take over. • Will redress injustice done to a section or group.
5Guidelines for selecting political groups to endorse or work with
  • Convergence of core values – do you agree with us?
  • Biographical sketch of leading promoters of the political group – do their leaders look like us?
  • Convergence of goals of this group and the political group – are they going to the same place?
  • Efficient management of the political group – is the group well managed?
  • The realistic prospect of the political group’s project – will they likely succeed in their mission?
6Desirable qualities of endorsable candidates
  • Ethical profile – candidates who have worked in the public or private sector should be screened for their ethical profile. Ethical competence is part of the competencies required for effective leadership. Ethical competence is the capability to make the right decision for the good of the people.
  • Ideological orientation – leadership is a function of ideology. Leaders lead according to their ideological light.
  • Technical competence – modern leadership is about solving complex problems. In spite of passion and commitment, you need high competencies to lead a people to solve problems.
  • Personal track record – the endorsable candidate does not need to have held high political or executive office but he or she must show evidence of getting the job done in previous assignments, no matter how small or insignificant. 
    • Links with special interests (business and military) – Nigeria suffers from government capture by military-business complex. An endorsable candidate should be one who is not in bed with members of this perverse complex.


    • Communicative skills – defined as how cool he or she feels with the people. No one who hates to talk with you can work for us.