In furtherance of the strong commitment of the OurMumuDonDo movement to building a formidable coalition devoid of political, tribal, and religious slants, the movement has established a progressive partnership with different groups who are dedicated to good governance and a Nigeria that works for all Nigerians. The following groups currently make up the OurMumuDonDo Movement:


Campaign for Democracy is one among the first pro-democracy groups at the forefront of the campaign for the termination of military rule, respect for fundamental human rights, and the restoration and sustenance of multi-party democracy in Nigeria. Some of the group’s past gallant leaders include late Dr. Ransome Kuti, Comrade Mashood O. Erubami, Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin, and the incumbent by name Comrade Bako Abdul Usman.

Concerned Nigerians

Concerned Nigerians is a pro-democracy group committed to accountability, rule of law and anti-corruption in Nigeria. The fundamental objective of the group is to uphold the principles of integrity, accountability, diligence, and dedication to duty in the Nigerian public service.

The group’s mandate also includes promoting the ideals of good governance and transparency, seeking the cause of justice in the pursuit of the dignity of the human person.

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Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution (CDNDC)

CDNDC is the Civil Society Initiative of Adopt a Goal For Development Initiative (CAC/IT/NO 65158) – a Non-Governmental Organization committed to addressing a spectrum of pressing local and global issues such as poor governance, rights abuses, bad leadership, unproductive politics and policies, corruption, poverty and environmental degradation affecting humanity, by bringing the people and government together to volunteer action and Adopt a GOAL to confront these challenges. It is equally committed to the restoration of human dignity and pride in all spheres of life by encouraging everyone to adopt at least a goal and do something positive to make the world a better place for all.

CDNDC has carried out several interventions on human rights, anti-corruption, good governance, credible elections and other related developments in Nigeria, with great courage and determination. It is at the forefront of advocating for good governance in Nigeria, public accountability, the Girl-Child, Human Trafficking, Agricultural development and a Sustainable Environment, towards the advancement of humanity.

Mad Connect

MAD CONNECT. An acronym for Make A Difference Connection; a coalition of leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, speakers, artistes and entertainers. It is a social renewal group that challenges social and political injustice using the alternative creative arts medium. MAD connect holds series of town hall platforms – unique events that fuse inspirational artistry with motivational talks on politics, citizenship and entrepreneurship etc. The audiences have been varied, cutting across different classes – community, business, institution and organization leaders; workers across levels, professionals, students and simply ordinary citizens of society.

MAD connect is a dynamic pressure group that has made quantum leaps in its areas of competence since its inception. MAD connect is committed to helping organization and individuals improve their delivery through corporate performance optimization and capacity building programs aimed at producing transformed young vibrant and innovative individuals and organizers.

There comes a time to organize, when we pool our strengths and resources together in pursuit of common goals. And there will be also a time to strategize, to define our methods, means and ends. MAD CONNECT is currently collaborating with the creative OURMUMUDONDO group to create awareness, sounding the trumpet call to citizen to take action and ignite an inspirational wildfire that will inflame hungry hearts and minds for the current happening in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.


Change will happen when people sick with discontent rise and act decisively to shatter the restraints on their potential slave holders. In such situations, ordinary people call forth from within themselves the extraordinary strengths with which they can achieve the seemingly impossible.