Enough is Enough! All we want is good governance and a great Nation.

The OurMumuDonDo Movement is a national reawakening social movement dedicated to promoting social justice, accountability, transparency, good governance, and engendering a new social order in Nigeria through sustained activism and a formidable coalition. Starting from the grassroots to the highest political echelon in the nation, the movement aims to revolutionize politics by ending elite conspiracy and giving power to the rightful owners – the people. We believe the solution to the myriads of problems bedeviling Nigeria is to democratize politics. We are a staunch advocate of popular democracy, a democracy of the multitude asking questions and electing people who share their views and experiences. The movement is a movement founded by the people and for the people.

    • A network of activists, artistes, artisans, workers, farmers, traders, unemployed… and everyone else like you
    • In short, we are the people…. inflamed by love of fatherland… angered at the rape of our dignity and prosperity… determined to rise up and hold one another…to march down.. and uphold the dignity and prosperity of all Nigerians…
    • We are the whispering voice that is now fluttering in the forests, asking questions and demanding answers
    • It was conceives a ‘trading post’ for colonial masters….
    • It was consolidates a ‘raping post’ for the military-business class in power
    • It is institutionalizes ‘rentier post’ for plutocrats and their collaborators
    • Popularize politics and end elite conspiracy by getting the people to march with the feet and their votes
    • Democratize politics and end ‘commercial transaction’ by upturning the tables of the moneychangers
    • Idealize politics and end the ‘stomach infrastructure’ by infusing party politics with values and principles
    • … The solution is popular democracy, democracy of the multitude asking question and electing people who share their views and experiences
    • … democracy has never sustained where leaders don’t shop in the same market with the poor
    • Our Nigeria
    • Freedom
    • Equality
    • Prosperity

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